Make sure everything’s under control in your hotel: Issues and RequestsImprove the experience for your guests and your staff

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See everything which happens in your hotel

Your staff can see and manage in real time all issues and requests made by guests through the app or through the Bot

What type of requests can be managed?

  • Issues

    A predefined list of possible issues guests can report. You can add more issues if you need to

  • Room Service

    All orders include information about the guest who made them

  • Requests

    Amenities, housekeeping services and anything else offered by your hotel to guests

  • Bookings

    On-demand reservations which you can manage in real time

  • Centralized management

    • See all issues and requests in the control panel
    • Issues, Room Service, Bookings...
    • Real time Issue Monitoring and Management


    • Automatic categorization of issues and request for easy filtering afterwards
    • Ordered by date of creation
    • Immediate response

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    Unified hotel management

    Digital Door Systems

    Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

    Make it easy for your guests and your staff
    Real time tracking and management

    Stay’s platform allows you to easily include all the information about your hotel, track all the activity coming from the app, and manage all requests.