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Introducing...Smart Arrival
The best welcome for your guests, with no waiting times

Expedite the check in procedure and the legal requirements. Here are the products which will make you more efficient. You choose the ones which best adapt to your needs

So what does Mobile check In include?


Pre-Check In

  • Custom invitation to Pre-Check In

    Guests will receive a personalized email so they can Pre Check In from their phones

  • Pre-Check In

    They’ll be able to fill in your hotel’s registration form before their arrival

  • ID Scanning

    OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) technology allows guests to directly scan their ID with their phones so the information for the hotel’s registration form will be automatically filled in

  • Biometric signature

    We’ve implemented biometric signature technology so the legal requirement of guests signing the registration form can be met when they sign on their phones

  • FASE 2

    Check In

  • Notify guests when their room is ready

    Guests receive a notification on their phones when their assigned room is ready. They will also have the option of downloading their mobile room key

  • Mobile room key

    So guests can open their rooms with their phones

  • We’re experts in PMS integrations
    And we work with the best

    Unified hotel management

    Digital Door Systems

    Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

    Make it easy for your guests and your staff. Real time tracking and management

    Stay’s platform allows you to easily include all the information about your hotel, track all the activity coming from the app or the Bot, and manage all requests.