Chat between guests and hotel staff. The easiest and fastest communicationYour guests and your team already know how to use a chat

You want to know how it works?

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Designed to fit your hotel’s needs

Improve guest service letting your guests chat in real time with your stuff. They’ll be able to book, report issues and browse all the services in your hotel

How does the chat work?

  • Guests access it through the App

    They’ll have an icon in the Front Page

  • Agents online indicator

    They’ll be able to see if there are any chat agents online without entering the chat

  • Conversations are stored

    So guests and agents can always see their previous conversations

  • Log in necessary for identification purposes

    Only logged in app users can chat. This makes sure that only known guests can have a conversation

Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

An exclusive management platform for your team

  • It allows several chat agents connected at once
  • They can manage incidences, bookings, requests and proposals within the chat
  • Concierge service is also included
  • All Clients’ conversations are stored

Multilanguage and flexible setup

  • Choose which types of clients have access to the chat (for example, only VIP clients)
  • Define which languages are used by each chat agent
  • Select which services are included in the chat (Bookings, Room service, etc.)

Monitor chat usage in real time

Would you like to have a chat system which automatically replies to guests without the need for human intervention?

Stay’s ChatBot allows you to provide automatic answers to everything your guests ask via Facebook Messenger, without any downloads or registrations