Let guests book your hotel’s services with their phoneQuick setup and easy management

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Showcase your services and let guests book them

If your hotel has restaurants, a SPA, premium services, tours, show tickets, transfer services or any other bookable and paying activities you can let guests browse all these services and book them with their phone.

What type of requests can be managed?

  • Restaurants

    Each restaurant can have a different booking configuration

  • SPA

    Create discounts for specific days or even hours

  • Tours

    Offer your own or tours from Hotelbeds

  • Sports

    Your guests can see your installations available booking times and book one instantly

  • Activities

    Yoga, trekking, zumba classes, also via smartphone...

  • Other services

    Flowers & chocolates, transfers to and from the airport, bike rentals… Fast and easy

  • Flexible configuration

    • Define turns, opening and closing schedules, prices, offers and discounts...
    • Different booking systems: On Demand, Quota or even redirect to a 3rd party’s system
    • Each service can have its own booking configuration

    Track bookings

    • A single control panel centralizes all your bookings and filters them by their status (confirmed, pending…)
    • You will always be notified of new bookings
    • Keep track of how many bookings are made for each of your services

    Manage bookings

    • Accept, reject or propose alternative for bookings made by guests
    • You can also add comments so guests will have more information
    • Manage bookings from the control panel, or if you prefer, from your email account

    Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

    Make it easy for your guests and your staff
    Real time tracking and management

    Stay’s platform allows you to easily include all the information about your hotel, track all the activity coming from the app, and manage all requests.