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Your hotel in your guests’ phone

Everything your guests need: Information, Bookings, Issue reporting, Requests… All of these services will always be available through the App

What type of requests can be managed?

  • Issues

    Let guests report issues through the app to make sure you’re on top of everything

  • Surveys

    Get guest feedback for specific services or for their whole stay

  • Reservations

    Restaurants, Room Service, Amenities or Housekeeping

  • Hotel information

    Show guests your hotel’s facilities and everything they can do

  • Notifications

    Customized messages and promotions

  • 3rd party services

    Tours, restaurantes, espectáculos o entradas

  • Your guests want fast, easy and customized service

    Make it easy for your guests and your staff
    Real time tracking and management

    aStay’s platform allows you to easily include all the information about your hotel, track all the activity coming from the app, and manage all requests.